Dawson History

  • The “Nazareth Street Boys Club” was founded in 1908 by Owen Dawson, Hugh Peck and Percy Douglas.
  • In 1911, the “Nazareth Street Boys Club” became the “Griffintown Boys Club”.
  • In 1930, the “Griffintown Boys Club” moved to Ottawa street and reopened as the “Griffintown Club”. They offered a nursery school, summer day camp, physical, social and educational activities, a parent’s club, a dental clinic, counselling, legal advice and home visits.
  • The “Griffintown Club” closed in 1952. Monies from the sale of the premises along with a sizable bequest from the Owen Estate (one of the original founders of the Club) was put into trust for the eventual reopening in a new location where the services were deemed most needed.
  • In April 1958, the Board of Directors purchased land between Woodland and Egan avenues.
  • In July 1959, the “Dawson Boys Club” opened at 666 Woodland avenue in Verdun, to improve physical fitness, develop healthy habits, perfect skills in arts and crafts and promote the physical, moral and social development of the community.
  • In 1960, the new Club was inaugurated by the Governor General of Canada, the Honorable George Vanier.
  • In the 1980’s, based on the recommendation of its Board of Directors and Centraide, the Club changed its name to “Dawson Community Centre,” offering services and activities to a broader range of Verdun residents.
  • In 2016, the Club aligned itself with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada National branding initiative by adding the name, “Repaire jeunesse Dawson /Dawson Boys & Girls Club” to its legal name.